For Businesses

Directory designed exclusively for small business owners looking to do business locally, with 30 employees or less, excluding franchises.
Ad-free platform
100% fully actionable listings, including messages to and from clients
Exclusive listing features for all business types
Fully customizable branding and imagery; many listing features to communicate your value proposition to your new clients
Your Company Attributes and Company Values integrated into the search functionality
Event feature for building community, promoting your events and growing your local presence
Owner’s Dashboard to monitor your activity & results

For Clients

User-friendly interface makes finding local businesses easier than ever before
Search for local businesses across a wide spectrum, including nonprofits
Results include products & services; a one-stop shop for locating the businesses you’re looking for at the exact moment you need them, along with easy ways to get ahold of them.
Being an ad-free platform means that there is no buying your way to the top of the list. Our unique best-match criteria means you will find what you search for.
Interactive ratings and reviews for an authentic, free market experience, plus save your favorite businesses
Choose your Core Values and other Attributes desired to manage the results that are returned
Be empowered to decide with your dollars and do business on your terms
Map feature makes mapping stops a breeze
Free to use
Events feature to locate local events and build community

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