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Barrel of Monks was founded by good friends who came together to create something that has seldom been done in the United States…a brewery specializing in Belgian-style beer. The focus is on quality – combining traditional techniques with modern technology.


Several years ago, they started traveling to Belgium to see how their favorite beers were brewed. Along the way, they learned about themselves as well as the beer. They started brewing themselves and never looked back, honing their brewing skills to develop high quality ales reminiscent of the fine ales coming out of Belgium.

The Tale of the Ale!

We love Belgian beer! We proudly and methodically brew Belgian-inspired ales to bring the taste of the old world a little closer to home at our production brewery in Boca Raton, FL.

The Process

We use the finest equipment and ingredients, and combine that with a deep understanding and love of Belgian ales to create finely crafted beers that pay homage to the great brews made in Belgium.

Believe in the Brew

Our beers are created for those who are willing to take the time to truly appreciate the look, aroma, taste, and overall experience of a fine ale. We will not compromise the quality of our products by taking shortcuts or using inferior ingredients in the effort to make money, and we believe that quality of the beer is the number one goal.

The Tradition

Barrel of Monks Brewing makes beer utilizing imported grains and hops which are native to Belgium and the surrounding areas, including some malts from Germany and Vienna, as well as noble hops from England.

The Recipe

We adjust our water minerality to mimic local Belgian terroir. Additionally, only Belgian yeast strains are utilized at Barrel of Monks. Further, bottle conditioning or ‘refermentation in the bottle’ is used to naturally carbonate most production beer which offers the drinker the finest bubbles. Many believe this is the cornerstone of the classic Belgian beer mouthfeel. Finally, beer is poured from European, individually-adjustable taps at high carbonation and served in appropriate glassware to concentrate and accentuate aromas. In this respect, our beer attempts to replicate, without compromise, the style.

The Difference

While classic grains, hops, yeast, and technique are always used, Barrel of Monks brews on a state of the art, semi automated 20 BBL Brewhouse specially designed for our specific needs by some of the best brewing engineers in the world at Newlands Systems in British Columbia (NSI). This system allows efficient brewing and precise control of brewing parameters on a wide range of grain loads.

The Extra Step

Another unique feature is the hop back design which is not used for hops, but rather for clean and efficient use of adjuncts such as bitter orange peel and coriander. Our newest 80 BBL tanks are made locally in


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