Becoming a merchant allows you to upload your business listing and events on our platform, promote your business to people who care about your values, track reviews, and communicate with prospects.

To become a merchant on our platform, you will have to agree with the statements below:

  • I agree to do business legally, honestly and with integrity.
  • I affirm that my business/nonprofit has 30 employees or less and is not a franchise.
  • I commit to be transparent and honest in the claims and representations I make in my listing, including, but not limited to, the size and nature of my business, my Core Values, Product Attributes, Company Attributes, Nationality, Religion, and all other fields in my listing.
  • I commit to provide real, tangible value to my clients. If I cannot provide the requested product or service, I will communicate that clearly to them. I realize that this platform has an authentic ratings & reviews system and I will strive to earn a five-star rating from every client, every time.
  • I commit to raising the bar on professionalism in our community by encompassing these Values in my day-to-day business operations.
  • I agree that if I receive a 2-star or below rating, I will actively work to remedy the situation. I am committed to doing business in an ethical way, and to providing excellence for my clients and customers.
  • I commit to respecting the varying Values of my fellow business owners and the consumers who use the platform. As I have the right to operate my business on my terms, so do they, and I will not interfere in any manner with their freedom to do so.
  • I agree to use Back2Business™ to “Shop Local First” as a consumer for myself and recommend to others, for the betterment of our entire community. Together we are stronger!

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