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Mother of Divine Grace School offers a Catholic, classical approach to distance learning. MODG was founded by Laura Berquist in 1995 to provide parents with the information, resources, and support necessary to educate their children according to the classical tradition. Based in Ojai, CA, Mother of Divine Grace School serves over 6,300 students worldwide. Mother of Divine Grace School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

About Us

Since 1995, Mother of Divine Grace School has been providing parents with the information, resources, and support necessary to educate their children according to the classical tradition. Each family in our program is guided in implementing the MODG curricula and syllabi in a highly personalized way that also meets our rigorous standards. MODG is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Our Vocation

For the last 25 years our vocation has been to help families fulfill a truly Catholic, Classical education in their own homes. Based on the four stages of learning, our curriculum provides students with material that corresponds to their natural intellectual development. Although we are based in the United States of America, we serve over 6,300 students worldwide, in 28 countries.

Our Goals

Our goals are to lead our graduates to success, to support our parents, and to build strong families. We do this by providing outstanding academic formation in an integrated, engaging program. Please explore our website for more information on the various levels of support we offer, and feel free to reach out to us in the office. We love to talk about our school, and we hope that we are able to help your family raise your children to be strong students and faithful Catholics!


Mother of Divine Grace’s curriculum is a particular application of Laura Berquist’s recommendations in her book Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum. It is based upon the classical method which aims at establishing the tools of learning so that truth may be attained more easily and accurately. She has experimented with different materials and activities and has selected those that have been most successful. These have been incorporated in our syllabi. Thousands of parents and students have benefited from the structure and focus that the syllabi provide.Learn more about the methodology implemented in Mother of Divine Grace School’s curriculum on our Methodology page.

Our curriculum is Catholic and classical. We have been careful to select the best sources available in all subject areas. All the books we recommend fit the classical methodology. For example, the books we have selected for middle school help the students to analyze what they read, and the books we have selected for high school help them develop skills in discussing reasonably and writing persuasively.

Our curricular materials have been carefully examined to ensure that they are not opposed to the Catholic faith. While not every text in the program is explicitly Catholic, we avoid all materials which are opposed, explicitly or implicitly, to the truths of the Faith. The Catholic Church is universal, and has always made her own what was best in human culture.

“Now in those things that come about by nature and art, art works in the same way and uses the same sorts of tools as nature…. This is why art is said to imitate nature…. (I)n the acquisition of knowledge, the teacher leads the student to the knowledge of things the student previously did not know in the same way that someone leads himself to discover what he previously did not know.”

Thomas Aquinas De Magistro q. 11, a.1 of De Veritate



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