Our Story

It used to be easy to find local businesses because that’s all there were. You would recognize the merchants as the experts in their fields because they were. And business was done fairly with a common thread of shared values.

As time has passed, things have changed. Ethical businesses was replaced by gimmicks, false promises, and price wars.

Meanwhile, big business became the norm and systematically extinguished small businesses across the nation. Distances between people grew, and the digital age was upon us. Shortly after, the values that had already left the marketplace were further excluded through a cultural shift of fear of sharing one’s beliefs. Meanwhile, the culture idealized “Shop Local” and “Support Small Business,” though no one could provide a comprehensive solution to help consumers consistently do that more often. In a world filled with lists of businesses who must pay more to rank higher, consumers have grown thirsty for genuine, local businesses at their fingertips, and only dreamt of finding businesses that share their values.

The truth is, it shouldn’t be so difficult to find local businesses in our own community.

Our story begins in Calcutta, India, where we found each other while serving the poorest of the poor with the Missionaries of Charity. At that time, we did not speak a common language and we lived on different continents. That was almost 11 years ago and today we find ourselves in sunny Delray Beach, FL with our four young children and a calling to serve once again. But this time in a different way.

The heart of what we do at Back2Business is to serve our local community. We care about YOU, the local business owners, and the consumers they serve. Like you, we are up against the big names in our industry.

For most of our clients, it’s the big box stores, the franchises, and the chains that open across the street. Or it’s the huge online retailers that deliver with maximum efficiency. These Goliaths make competition in the traditional sense seemingly impossible.

For us, it’s the search engine and social media tech giants of the world, who fill search result lists with the highest bidders and every square inch of the internet with paid advertisements.

The truth is local shops can’t compete with the big ad budgets and massive human resources of huge competitors, and we can’t unseat global search engines. So rather than try to win in the ocean of online advertising, we are creating our own pond where only small fish can thrive.

We are creating a community where local businesses can cut through the noise and are recognized as far superior to the big corporate giants; where core values play a role in buying decisions, and where supporting local companies is the norm rather than the exception. We have also banned ads from our community, which levels the playing field like never before. In short, it’s time to get back to the way things used to be done. It’s time to get Back2Business.

We need people like YOU to help us build the foundation of this new movement.

Will you join us?