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Ladonna has been a vision of mine for over a year now. As a regular online shopper I often would become frustrated knowing exactly what I wanted but not being able to find it at a reasonable price or in my size. 

My name is Amber, founder of ladonna. ladonna was born with the passion to bring an online boutique with size inclusive and affordable options to all women. ladonna is more than just another online boutique. ladonna is a brand that is committed to inspiring all women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin regardless of their size. We are a community of women wearing what they want when they want. 

Join us and “dress like a lady” whatever that means to you!

Amber Mezzacappa


What Does Size Inclusivity Mean?

In today’s fashion world, the term, “size-inclusive,” is continuing to show up. At Ladonna, we create clothing that any woman can wear and feel great in. All of our clothing is size-inclusive, but what does that term really mean in the context of clothing? Here is what you need to know about size inclusivity in the Ladonna fashion lines. To shop our incredible collection of clothing, check out our online store today.


No longer are fashion lines designed for one body type alone. Size inclusivity means that our fashion lines are designed to fit a wide variety of body types and designed to look great no matter what size you fit into. Shop our online clothing boutique to find incredible size-inclusive clothing you will love.

Size-Inclusive Vs. Plus-Size

What’s the difference between plus-size and size-inclusive? Plus-size carries with it a negative connotation and the term, “size inclusivity,” aims to create a clothing culture that includes everyone without excluding anyone. 

Why is This Important?

Simply put, size-inclusive clothing is a way to represent everyone and provide confidence for anyone. Size inclusivity is about making everyone feel beautiful — starting with the connotation of the name of the sizing. If you are looking for size-inclusive clothing that will look incredible no matter who you are, shop our collection today.


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