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Automotive, Marine, & Residential Ceramic Coatings

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What are ceramic coatings?

How do they protect my assets?

Ceramic coatings are a result of advancements in nanotechnology coatings. These coatings consist of sub 100 nanometers of elements such as silicon, titanium, graphene, boron.

Each element has different properties.

 When applied to a substrate, we are filling in the porous material with the coating and thus providing the surface with the durability of said element used in the formulation.

Different formulations of ceramic exist to help create a semi-permanent bond to desired surfaces and protect them from a wide range of environmental factors that can be harmful over time.

These ceramic coatings are industrial grade. Applied in liquid form and harden to a surface (with a cure time of 24- 48 hours).

Automotive, Marine & Residential

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are best known for their hydrophobic properties, repelling water and other liquids in the form of beading or sheeting. This keeps hard water spots from forming on your car, brackish water from discoloring your boat or red wine from staining your white marble counter tops.

Automotive Ceramic

9H or 10H Ceramic offers 3 or 5 years warranty and is registered under your vehicles CarFax.

This can be applied to painted, matte or wrap vehicles.

Additional ceramic types can be applied to glass, plastic, rubber or metal.

Marine Ceramic

SiO3 Marine Ceramic offers 2 years of warranty and protects your boat from the harsh elements including UV exposure (oxidation), salt, brackish water discoloration, etc.

Residential Ceramic

A combination of multiple ceramic formulations work together to protect common household objects from everyday use.

Marble and quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, glass and mirrors are just a few items most people choose to protect.

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