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‘Our Home is Your Home’

Having over 55 years of experience helping families through one of the worst times in life, we have created and put into practice every conceivable support system helping you and your family before, during and after funeral services.

All who come through Monarch’s doors are thought of, and treated as, we would our own family. This is the major difference between our family-owned and operated funeral home and other corporately-owned funeral homes. Simply said…it is nearly impossible for corporately-owned funeral homes to provide the same level of personal service that our family can, and WILL provide to you, your family, friends and our communities.

In less than one year, my family experienced two sudden and unexpected passings in our family…the passing of my sister who at the age of 50, married with two children, just 11 months older than I, transitioned to another place in February of 2020. Then my father, who was a young 73 and still working full-time, transitioned while sleeping in January of 2021. When meeting with you, my family and I remember very well…how we felt when experiencing what you, your family, friends, neighbors and community are experiencing during this time of sadness and grief.

All funeral homes claim to offer the best service, facility and of course price. However, I invite you to learn why Monarch Funeral Home has no rival. My family and I have made it easy for you to compare, educate yourself and make an informed choice about funeral services in South Florida.

If you live in Margate, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Parkland, West Boca Raton, or the surrounding communities, we invite you to visit our facility to witness and confirm that Monarch Funeral Home and Cremation Services is a funeral home like none other.

The Monarch Facility

Monarch Funeral Home offers a modern, warm and comforting atmosphere, including our greeting area, large Memorial Honor Room, our one-of-a-kind ‘Kids Zone’ room and Tribute Banquet Room. Last but not least, with the introduction of Monarch, our Licensed Service Comfort Dog, we believe that we will live up to our slogan: ‘Our Home Is Your Home’

On-Premise Banquet Room

Catered Services With Full Bar

No need to leave Monarch Funeral Home’s premises in order to gather with family & friends over a meal. We’ll plan and provide a fully-catered dining event as you, your family, friends and neighbors honor the life of your loved one. We can provide any type of dining event…whether morning, mid-afternoon or evening. Just step through our banquet room doors and allow us to provide a full sit down custom-catered meal, buffet, or simple finger foods for your visitation guests. A fully staffed and stocked bar including beer, wine and top-shelf alcohol is also available.

‘Kids Zone’

Young children have little understanding of the meaning of death. Admittedly, many adults have a difficult time coping at a funeral. The death of a family member or friend not only affects adults, but also can have a profound impact on children. Children experience grief just as adults do. It is difficult to know how the youngest members of our family will react at a visitation or what behavior to expect. Observing parents and other family members grieve can be quite uncomfortable for young children. We have provided a children’s safe-space we call the ‘Kids Zone’…where young children attending a visitation can take a break or rest their minds, so to speak. They will find a most-needed distraction from the ‘unfamiliar’ feelings that they may be experiencing while attending services at the funeral home.

‘Monarch’…Our Comfort Dog

“Sometimes all it takes is a nuzzle or a nudge from ‘Monarch’ to help people share their feelings and begin the healing process.”

This four-legged family member (aptly-named Monarch) is part of the Monarch Funeral Home Family & Staff. He was born into his profession (as were his parents) of giving love & support to those in need on May 1, 2020. This sweet, specially trained family member provides unconditional love and comfort to families as they deal with the grief of losing a loved one. While it’s not new to see a therapy dog in a hospital or a nursing home setting, families are sometimes quite surprised to find one at our funeral home. From the first time a family walks through the front door, to attending their loved one’s services, Monarch knows just who to gravitate toward. He can provide a distraction when it’s most needed—especially for children which helps get them through a sorrowful, confusing time. If the family wishes, Monarch can be in the room when grieving families make arrangements, and can attend the visitation and/or funeral. And of course, if the family does not wish for Monarch to offer his services, he will understand. . . because that’s what he does, he understands